The Arch Emulator and the Seven Keys


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At a given time, seven people on Earth have the mark. They are known as emulators, and they are hunted . . .

A.A. McCoy was 
lucky enough to discover a pattern in the trees. Now he is locked up. They will kill McCoy when they get it out of him. The location of the seventh key.

In Antarctica, the cold part, Belle Vail does not know she is an emulator. Not yet. Instead this callused deep core driller is too busy falling in love in the most romantic spot on earth. They will find her here though. It is the first place they look.

They are The Smiths, a faction started 900 years ago by Saint Malachy of Ireland when he predicted Pope Francis would be the last pope. Malachy also foresaw the emulators and the hunt for the keys. He did not intend to unleash such malevolence.

After a famed archeologist is murdered, his daughter Cana finds a message from him. He tells her The Smiths cannot be allowed to find the seventh key. She is the daughter of a digger; she will not fail. She can’t.

A little girl from the Midwest, an orphan, knows how the end will happen. And yes, they will find her too. She is orphan-tough though. She will have to be.

What are they saying?


Buy Now on Kindle or Paperback 👉 The Arch Emulator and the Seven Keys