More About Michael Stewart


Michael Stewart came here to listen to the Cranberries and write books . . . and he's all out of Cranberries.


But seriously, that is not all he does. In Stew's spare time he earns Nintendo world records, including such classics as Back to the Future. LGN never sounded so good. His father always told him as a kid, "Stew, if you're going to break a world record, do it in style."


Stew resides amongst the tallgrass of the Kansas prairie with his beautiful wife and six kids. Yes, you heard that right, she is truly beautiful. They enjoy 8-bit video games, Chiefs football and long walks on the beaches of Kansas. Stew looks young for his age and blends right in with his five boys; looking for him in their family photo is like reading a Where's Waldo book.


"I'm not going to say my books are better than Where's Waldo, but I'm not going to not say it." - Michael Stewart


Oh, and if you like holograms, check out Stew's TED Talk, it's about holograms and fuel tax . . . I know right, that lazy topic again, but this time it's from the perspective of an engineer, so you know it will be hilarious.


He eats apples in one bite, like a horse.